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From Farm to Fork

Chop Shop is a brand extension of our existing Meat Processing and Export Company, Tata Best Foods Ltd, and is here to serve only premium quality and hygienic meat products for Pakistani market. We follow a ‘No Compromise’ approach throughout the supply chain to ensure that only the best is served at our retail outlets. Our facility is the only meat-processing factory in Pakistan that is BRC certified and offers complete traceability of where your meat comes from.

The Process (From Farm to Fork)

A meat processor cannot convert bad quality cattle into good quality meat. As such it all starts from the very bottom of the value chain, the calf. Chop Shop’s parent company, TBFL, sources the best calves from renowned farms and then holds these calves at their feedlots till they are 100% ready. Natural Eco-systems have been provided at the farms to ensure the best tasting and healthy meat with every bite. These animals are transported to the meat processing facility in specially designed trucks to minimize stress for the animal. After reaching the processing facility, each animal goes thru a strict check by trained Veterinarians and is then processed under highest International Hygiene standards at our facility. Independent Shariah advisors ensure Halal compliance at all steps. The meat is immediately chilled (not frozen) to inhibit bacterial growth so that your families can always enjoy the best tasting food without worrying about adulteration and contamination. Using an optimal temperature controlled supply chain, HACCP approved processing conditions and the latest in vacuum packaging technology, we guarantee that our meat will exceed your expectations or we will give your money back.

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16Nov 2019

Kids' Fun Fair at Island Textile Mills

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